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Jon and Karen Vermeer and their experienced team at Ipswich Mower & Saw Service are delighted to welcome you to our store at 466 Warwick Road, Yamanto, Ipswich.


Ipswich Mower & Saw Service still specialises in the sharpening of tools and repairs on most popular brands of motor mowers, chainsaws and brush cutters. However since becoming Ipswich's official dealership for Stihl Chainsaws and Outdoor Equipment - complementing the Viking Mowers range - Jon and Karen have never looked back.

Like every good business, the husband and wife pair have a reliable, hardworking team of staff to call upon. In the true spirit of Vic's tradition, Jon's sister Christine Scheiwe was secretary until 1998 when Karen took over the office duties while Jon's brother Jim joins the team in the everyday running of the showroom/repair workshop.

Their dedication and attention to detail has helped make the business into what it is today. Of course, loyal customers and suppliers have also been valued clients for decades and in some cases, generation of family members have visited Ipswich Mower & Saw Service.

The new-look Ipswich Mower & Saw Service features a fully air-conditioned 144m2 showroom and parts department with a huge repairs warehouse out the back - a massive improvement over their old 160m2 "shed". But as Jon explains, one of the biggest and best improvements has been reserved for the outside of the store.

"We're the first Stihl dealership in Australia to re-image using neon lights," Jon said. "We wanted to go with their branding so basically people will drive past our place and say 'Hey there's the local Stihl dealer'. I like doing a lot of things first and doing them bigger and better and I like to spend a bit of money when I can improve the business. It really stands out from the rest of the shops around us now and you can't miss it when you go past."

"Companies have approached us over time and asked us to start stocking their products and become official dealers which is a real testament to our business," Jon explained. "We've built up our range and stock a heap of different products - all the latest makes and models but we can track down parts and do repairs on almost anything. That side of the business has really continued to grow and expand over the years so the extra space we have out the back here at the new building is just great."

Ipswich Mower & Saw Service's `Master Service Technicians' ensure all repairs are carried out in the most up to date and cost effective manner possible. As Master Service Technicians, the team stay current with the latest training programs and offer superior troubleshooting skills.

Jon takes to the latest Bush Hog Zero-Turn Ride-On model at Ipswich Mower & Saw Service's new Warwick Road showroom.

There's a great range of Bush Hog products in store so drop by and check them out today!